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1 month   1 ☁ -0.06mt of CO₂  

1 year  ⍋  9 ☁ -0.73mt of CO₂

You can reduce your impact by choosing slow over fast fashion and shopping secondhand. To account for the rest, plant trees!



The average consumer’s shopping habits create 1620lbs (0.73mt) per year. Divide that by 12 months and you'll create 0.06mt per month. 

1 verified tree is required to sequester the 0.06 metric tons of CO2 emitted by the average American each month by 2030.

9 verified trees are required to sequester the 0.73 metric tons of CO2 emitted by the average American each year by 2030.


One mangrove tree sequesters ~679.7 pounds or ~0.31 metric tons over its 25 year growth period. We believe that carbon neutrality by 2030 is the ambitious goal we should all be striving toward. That’s why we’re using a seven year time period to calculate how many verified trees are needed to sequester the carbon emitted from different actions. In seven years, one mangrove can absorb 189.7 pounds or 0.09 metric tons of carbon. 

After those initial seven years all of the carbon you emitted will be sequestered. Over the next 18 years the verified trees you planted will continue to absorb and store carbon.


Planters on the ground use verification technology to monitor and track the time of planting as well as the geo-coordinates of every tree planted. Utilizing blockchain technology, this information is uploaded to a database so that we can ensure all of your trees are planted and monitor real climate impact and survivability over time.