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Verified Mangrove Planting In Kenya: Sustainable Restoration Efforts

With your support, we are restoring the mangrove forests in Kenya. Mangroves are short, bushy trees that grow in saltwater along coastlines and in intertidal zones. These mangroves are a native species and the transparency around verified planting through our partners is unmatched. The restored forests will also help to stabilize coastlines. This will act as a vital line of defense to protect the land and the communities during tropical storms. Mangroves have high survivability rate and are hand planted, one at a time, by our team with devices that capture key data for verification like time stamps, lat/longitude, and image/video content of the trees.



Verified Mangrove Planting In Kenya: Sustainable Restoration Efforts

The trees are planted on protected regions of land in Mbuguni, Kenya. The goal of this project is to empower the impoverished coastal community to break the poverty cycle. In restoring the mangrove estuary, which is rich in biodiversity, this project will provide fishing grounds for local people. This helps to create additional income streams, including sustainable harvests from the mangrove forests.

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