Ecodrive Shopify App: How to remove from your store's catalog

How to hide the Ecodrive product from your store’s catalog

In some circumstances and with some Shopify themes, the Ecodrive product may show up in your store’s catalog, similar to the below image.

If you do not want this to appear as a product on your store (totally understandable) then you can follow these simple steps to hiding it from the catalog:

Step 1:

In the settings of your Shopify store, go to Products – then to Collections, then you will need to click “Create Collection” with the title “All” (note: if you have a collection titled “All” already,  then you can skip to step 2.

Step 2:

Create the following rules under this section:

   1. Product price is greater than 0

   2. Product title is not equal to Ecodrive

   3. Click “save” in the top right corner

Step 3:

Finally, you will need to go to Products – then select “Ecodrive”. In Ecodrive product, go to “Search Engine Listing Preview” and remove Ecodrive’s  SEO URL by unchecking “Create a URL redirect…” checkbox that will appear only after clicking into the “URL and handle” box.

All done! Your Ecodrive product will still appear in your cart, but not in your stores catalog -  allowing customers the option to offset carbon emissions and plant a tree together with you!