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Joining the Carbon Plus Program means that you will be directly supporting our Earth in the fight against the climate crisis we ALL face. YOU can make a difference for our future by reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part for only $1 per tree planted.
1 Tree = $1

How it Works

We’re so excited to have you as part of the Ecodrive Community. We believe in transparency around the tree planting process. Below, please find an overview of how the Carbon+ Tree Planting works. We wanted to make to make it as easy as possible for people to plant trees and reduce their carbon footprint. Together, we can fight climate change!
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1Place your order

Select how many trees you'd like to plant based on how much carbon you would like to remove from the atmosphere over the tree's lifetime.
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2Get your certificate

Receive an eco-friendly digital certificate designed to be shared on social media that confirms your order and verifies your support.
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3We begin planting and verifying

We hire local villagers living in extreme poverty in Madagascar and Kenya to plant your trees through our NGO partners. Once your trees have been planted we’ll send you an email letting you know they’re in the ground. We use technology to track the exact coordinates and timestamps of your tree, allowing us to monitor survivability over time.

4The fight against climate crisis continues

Share your certificate and what you’ve done with others and tag @ecodrive so you can bring your friends and family into the fight together, with you!

The Trees We Plant

All trees planted are verified using technology on the ground. We are able to track exact timestamps and geo-coordinates of every single tree we plant in order to monitor survival and real climate impact. This allows you to know that your contribution is truly making an impact and actually happening. We plant mangrove trees, one of the most effective nature based methods for absorbing carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. Reforestation serves as a direct investment into the future of our planet. When you plant with us, you are making a lasting impact directly attributed to you that goes far beyond offsetting. Studies show that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two-four times greater than mature tropical forests” and contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. This makes them one of the most efficient tools we have in efforts against a warming climate!

Your trees help to fund work days for local villagers living in extreme poverty. Photographed here is a Madagascar villager helping to plant on Ecodrive's designated land and that is protected and reserved.
Offset your carbon footprint with Ecodrive today and plant your forest! This is a photo of baby mangrove's from Ecodrive's designated planting site in Madagascar, we also plant verified trees in Kenya.
Your trees will be maintained to ensure that they have a high survival rate. Over 25 years, just 1 of your trees will sequester 680 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere!
We receive and share with you photos from our planting site with exact GPS coordinates so that you can identify the exact area of land where your mangrove forest is growing!